Upland Excavating completed several detailed studies and reports for the purpose of modernizing its current landfill facility. These extensive studies were done to understand the site’s hydrogeological, hydrological, and geologic conditions. In addition, the company also prepared a landfill design, operation and closure plan, and an environmental effects monitoring plan.

All the studies and reports can be found here:

  1. 2021 Annual Report
  2. 2019 Annual Report
  3. Site Location Map
  4. Site Plan
  5. Technical Assessment Report
  6. Technical Addendum
  7. Technical Response to ENV Review
  8. Technical Response to ENV Review Task 8 - Sand and Gravel Aquifer Pumping Tests
  9. Technical Response to ENV Review Task 7 - Additional Bedrock Characterization
  10. Technical Response to ENV Review Task 7 - Additional Bedrock Characterization Cover Letter
  11. 2018 Technical Work Plan and Schedule
  12. Compliance Checklist
  13. Existing Conditions
  14. Hydrogeology and Hydrology Characterization Report
  15. Independent Peer Review Upland Landfill Waste Discharge Application
  16. Location and Volume of Existing Waste
  17. Permit Fee Calculation
  18. Preliminary Report Financial Security Plan
  19. Regulated Open Burning
  20. 2017 Water Quality Monitoring Results
  21. 2017 Design, Operations, and Closure Plan
  22. Patrick Consult
  23. Response to DFO Letter
  24. Response to Island Health
  25. Response to Labour Council
  26. Response to Comments
  27. Response to Waterline's Hydrogeological Review
  28. Groundwater and Surface Water Monitoring Data
  29. 2020 Operations and Monitoring Report
  30. 2022-01-20 107869 405141 Draft OC Ammendments

Highlights of the studies:

  • The groundwater does not flow to Rico Lake, McIvor Lake, nor the Cold Creek watershed, which supplies the Quinsam River Hatchery.
  • Modeling of the future landfill performance verifies water quality standards will be met at the site boundary at all times.