Upland in the Community

Committed to providing training and employment opportunities locally for 47 years.

Upland Excavating is not just a company with projects in Campbell River, the owners and top management are also residents of the local community. This local component has ensured that Upland has always been a part of the community and the conversation.

The company takes immense pride in being a part of the Campbell River community, its local values and traditions. As part of the local conversation Upland takes pride in some of its initiatives which include:

  • Donations to various local organizations that contribute towards the community‚Äôs care and development:
    • The Campbell River Salmon Foundation
    • Campbell River Water Park
    • Rotary Club
    • Local sports teams and events such as the Snowden 50 Challenge
    • The Campbell River Motor Cross Track, and many others

Committed to protecting the environment.

All Upland employees attend mandatory environmental orientation and training sessions prior to the start of any project.

In September 2016, fishing boats tied to the community Warf in Bella Bella sank. The Upland crew working within the community provided full environmental response under the direction of the Coast Guard. Upland supplied all materials, equipment and manpower required to contain the fuel spill and prevent structural failure of the docks due to boats sinking and being moored to the dock.