Upland Excavating Ltd.

Upland Excavating Ltd. (Upland) provides local waste management solutions to build a safer and more sustainable environment. Upland’s services help reduce the costs for local businesses and development projects in the Campbell River District and reduces the impacts to the environment associated with long distance waste disposal alternatives.

The Comox Valley Regional District encouraged Upland to apply for a Landfill Permit in 1993. Since that time, Upland is listed on the Comox Valley Regional District’s Solid Waste Management Plan as a Permitted Landfill.

The company has been operating its permitted landfill (Permit # PR-10807) for the past 25 years, and has always been in compliance. This complements the Upland quarry operations and the recycling of concrete and asphalt waste products.

Upland is also regularly tasked with restoring the salmon habitat at Campbell River.

In early 2015, Upland submitted an application for a new Operational Certificate to replace its 1992 permit and upgrade its Landfill. All application related information can be found here.