Upland Landfill

Upland Excavating Ltd. plans to modernize its landfill facility at 7295 Gold River Highway, Campbell River, BC, in order to meet BC Ministry of Environment requirements. To do so, Upland has prepared and submitted a Waste Discharge Application to the BC Ministry of Environment for an Operational Certificate for the landfill. The Operational Certificate will allow Upland’s to continue with the management of solid non-hazardous waste in a modernized facility. Upland’s operations provide local waste management solutions, which reduce the costs for local businesses and development projects in our District and reduce the impacts to the environment associated with long distance waste disposal alternatives. 

The following steps have been completed by Upland in preparing the Application: 

  1. Preparation and submission of the Pre-Application Documents to the BC Ministry of Environment.
  2. Completion of on-site geotechnical, hydrologic, and hydrogeological studies, preparation of a landfill design, operation and closure plan, and an environmental effects monitoring plan.
  3. Preparation of Draft Technical Reports in support of the Application.
  4. Implementation of a 3- month long Stakeholder Consultation Program, which included receipt of comments from interested Stakeholders and community members in response to the Draft Technical Reports.
  5. Review and considerations of Stakeholder comments, further investigation and analysis, as required, and amendments to the studies and designs.
  6. Preparation of the Waste Discharge Application and supporting Final Technical Reports for submission to the BC Ministry of Environment.

In modernizing the facility to meet BC Ministry of the Environment requirements, Upland will continue to accept land clearing debris, construction and demolition debris and waste soil. The modernization of the facility will provide for the recovery and recycling of materials, construction of lined landfill cells for disposal of non-recyclable wastes and the collection and treatment of leachate.

Upland would like to thank all who have participated in the initial Stakeholder Consultation Process carried out during February, March, and April 2016. The comments received have been reviewed and addressed in finalizing the studies and designs. A Stakeholder Consultation Summary Report has been prepared and contains responses to all comments received.

The Final Technical Reports submitted in support of our Application are now available for additional 30-day Stakeholder Review. The Final Technical Reports include:

  1. Technical Assessment Report
  2. Design Operations and Closure Plan
  3. Hydrogeology and Hydrology Characterization Report
  4. Geotechnical Investigation
  5. Stakeholder Consultation Summary Report

Comments will be received at inquiries@uplandgroup.ca until close of business on October 21st, 2016.